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Read what Betsy’s clients say about her:

• “Finally I found Betsy Shands, who’s magic hands treat our poor exhausted feet like the rest of our body wants to feel!” — CM, W.T.

• “Betsy has been surrounding my feet with an expert touch and loving hands for many years, both healing aches and pains and soothing my soul. She is always right there, is consistently good natured and helpful and has a myriad of heartfelt techniques available to accompany the reflexology. I highly recommend Betsy.” — Annie Schwenk, W.T.

• “I can’t believe how good what you’re doing to me makes me feel.” — Shanti Blum, West Tisbury, MA

• “I feel like my feet are flippers.”  — A French client.

• “It feels like being massaged from the inside out.” — Anonymous

• “Meditation with whipped cream.” — Anonymous

• “My feet feel like they are glowing, very viable, extremely positive and relatively rare. Betsy goes beyond the call of duty. It doesn’t have to be painful and is extremely beneficial.” — M. H., Oak Bluffs


Betsy Shand’s Stories

 A Family Story — My mother-in-law in France came to me for help with her blood pressure. She had been on medication for years that had stabilized her numbers. For some reason her pressure shot up to giddying levels and she was told by her doctor that no more medication was possible. She came to me and asked if reflexology could help. I said the standard protocol was to give five treatments in the space of two weeks to lower blood pressure. So we saw each other for treatments three times the first week and twice the second. Her blood pressure dropped back down to her typical level. This stabilized and maintained for many years.

From an Island Client — A client was referred to me for a liver issue. When I spoke to him he would turn,  presenting the left side of his head to me. As I seated him in my reflexology chair and started working on his feet, I asked him if he had a hearing problem. “You can tell that from my feet?” he asked. “No, I asked that because you keep turning your left ear to me when I talk to you.” He had nearly no hearing in his right ear and impaired hearing in his left ear. As a bus driver, his right ear was the ear toward the people getting on the bus. I proceeded to work on his feet and over time, he came in about once a month over the next two years, I combined Attunement energy work with reflexology. His liver issue cleared up quickly and his hearing gradually improved. He recovered nearly normal hearing in his left ear and his right ear improved enough for him to use a cell phone and hear his passengers. He underwent a medical exam required by his employer and he told me that had his hearing been as impaired as it was when he first started seeing me, he would have lost his job. Other health issues shifted as well. His temperament softened, he had more patience with his children, he was more relaxed and confident and he was able to satisfy his wife in their intimacy. Knee pain cleared as well. The effects of reflexology are cumulative and once homeostasis is established, the effects are durable.

A Young Client — I had a young man come in to see me for his Reynaud’s disease. Reynaud’s disease is characterized by poor circulation in the extremities causing cold hands and feet that can be debilitating. He also had psychological issues with his family for which he was seeing a psychologist. This young man came in once every two weeks as per his budget. He started in January and moved back home across France in June ending his sessions with me. His Reynaud’s disease cleared. When he was leaving he told me he was ready to go back home and face his family once more and that all his life he had hay fever every Spring. He had been symptom free that Spring. I hadn’t known about the hay fever prior to his telling me. Reflexology just simply balances out the body with issues naturally being resolved. Reflexology is known for it’s help with allergies and the protocol we followed is perfect for dealing with allergies. We started well before allergy season and continued on regular intervals two weeks apart very consistently. We worked through the Spring until early summer. It was so gratifying to have helped beyond his initial request.

Work with Infantile Excema — A couple called me to inform me that their newborn daughter was covered about 90% in excema. They asked if I could help. They lived an hour and a half away. I suggested they come in with the baby and instead of me giving her sessions, I would teach them to give her reflexology. They came in and we spent an hour together with me showing them how to work her feet and talking with them. I proposed that they work her feet every time they changed her diaper as her feet would be bared and it happened at regular intervals. A baby’s feet are small and easily worked in a short time. The little girl took to the reflexology well and began to present her feet for reflexology every time her diaper was changed. The parents called me six months later to tell me the excema had cleared about 50% and they were really pleased. I told them to continue and keep me posted. At nine months, they called to say the ecxema was completely gone and their daughter was free of any markings or irritation. A very happy ending for very devoted parents and a lucky daughter.

Family Notes — Reflexology is a great way to develop bonding and healing touch with your children. It is easy to learn and can be an excellent tool in any family for many ills or discomfort.

An Active Client — I had a woman come to me with knee pain that prevented her from hiking with her friends. It was her favorite pastime and she was hopeful of finding a solution. She had been to every kind of doctor she could think of in search for a solution to her dilemma. I was a last resort. I worked on her feet for three sessions and the pain disappeared. I never heard from her again.




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